We recognize that this is a difficult time, but it is important that TRAF be advised as soon as possible when a death occurs.

If your death occurs before retirement, your estate or partner is entitled to the commuted value of the deferred pension earned on all service.

If you do not qualify for a pension, then your estate or partner is generally entitled to a refund of contributions and interest rather than the commuted value.

Your partner will automatically receive the benefit unless:

  • You were living separate and apart from your partner by reason of a relationship breakdown, or
  • Your partner has waived his or her entitlement to the pension. The survivor benefit can be waived before or after the member’s death and the waiver may be revoked by both the member and the partner any time before the member’s death. The waiver is available from TRAF.

Your partner may choose to receive the benefit as a lump sum or as a lifetime monthly annuity. If you do not have a partner, the benefit will be paid to your designated beneficiary or estate.

TRAF will require a notarial copy of the will, if the benefit is to be paid to your partner or designated beneficiary (in certain cases a probated will may be required).

A notarial copy of the probated will is required if the benefit is to be paid to your estate.

If there is no will, TRAF will require a notarial copy of the Letters of Administration.

TRAF also requires a copy of the following documents:

  • Death certificate or funeral director’s certificate
  • Member’s proof of age
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Certificate of Registration of Common-Law Relationship or other proof of common-law relationship, if applicable
  • Application for Death Benefit (provided by TRAF)
  • Declaration of Relationship Status (provided by TRAF)

Until further notice, original copies are not required. However, TRAF reserves the right to request originals or certified copies. Additional documents may be required, depending on your payment option selected.