Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Register for Online Services and keep your account profile up to date to ensure you stay informed of important news that impacts you.

Throughout your retirement, you can expect to receive the following regular communications from TRAF. Remember, you must be registered for Online Services and have a current email address with us in order to receive email notifications from TRAF.

  • A first pension letter and other important documents will be posted to My TRAF Documents in your Online Services account after your first pension payment is processed.
  • A short survey is emailed to new retirees in the month following retirement. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill it out.
  • When applicable, you will be notified of changes to your pension. You will receive an email to check your Online Services account for details about the change.
  • Your T4A will be mailed to you before the end of February, or you can view and print a copy from your Online Services account.
  • The Horizon newsletter is issued every spring and fall. You will receive an email when it is available to read on the website.
  • You will also receive an email notification when the Annual Report is available to view on the website (usually in June of each year).
  • Every summer, we will mail you an annual beneficiary status letter, if you selected Plan D or E. This letter asks for confirmation that you and your named beneficiary are still living. This is important because there have been instances in the past where TRAF has not been notified of the death of a member or spouse, which can result in a large pension overpayment that must be repaid to TRAF.

In addition to helping you keep in touch with us, your Online Services account allows you to review your pension payments, use the tax calculator and update your account profile whenever your contact information changes. Register or log in to experience these benefits.

Current contact information is required for electronic deposit of pension payments

In order for you to receive electronic deposit of your pension payments, TRAF must have a current mailing address, email and phone number. It is imperative that you keep us fully informed of changes to your contact information. If your mail is returned to TRAF undelivered, we will attempt to contact you by email and by telephone for an address update. If we are unsuccessful, you will no longer be eligible for the electronic deposit of your pension payments. Your monthly pension cheques will be printed and held in our office until contact has been re-established.

Register for or log in to Online Services and click “Account Profile” to update your information.