TRAF is pleased to deliver presentations about your pension at various seminars throughout the school year. Feel free to review the following seminar materials, which are designed to help you learn about the TRAF pension plan and make knowledgeable and well-informed decisions during your retirement planning. The “Preparing for Your Retirement” presentation is for those approaching or considering retirement, while the “Your TRAF Pension” presentation provides general information for members at all stage of their careers.

Virtual seminars: Review these instructions on how to connect and participate in a seminar on Zoom.

Preparing for Your Retirement

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 Your TRAF Pension

  • Your TRAF Pension – This presentation is delivered by a TRAF Member Services Specialist during the seminar and will provide you with a general overview of how your TRAF pension works, including your contributions, how your pension is determined, how to maximize your pension and life events that can affect your pension.
  • Votre Pension de la TRAF – The seminar presentation is also available in French.

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The benefits of TRAF’s Online Services

We encourage you to register for and log in to Online Services to experience its many benefits before and after your seminar, including the Pension Estimator and Digital Presentations.